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Along with what is encapsulated in these pamphlets, the main aspiration of the TOTHA family, we always look forward to contributing to the community a lot of goodness, practicality, and always spreading the love of Truth. -Men-American forever for this life more and more widespread.

This booklet is extracted from the document "Practicing Together" by the TOTHA Chan-Thien-My family group, unanimously refining the knowledge of primitive enlightenment teachings (primitive Buddhism). Real and useful, wishing that everyone, every family can compare, apply and self-correct (correct) their own body and mind and concurrently realize the right path that you are heading, to avoid being Wrong way wasted a lifetime because of lazy thinking, superstition, hope for refuge ... Why is it called liberation? ... Misinterpretation of Gender, wrong gender, wrong transmission of Gender means offense precepts (deceive, embroider, impose, destroy the seed of bodhi / buddha nature and destroy the mass of believers / sins). The journey to the Path is nothing but the luggage of Precepts-Dinh-Wisdom, the first step is the direction / Morality of the martial arts, but practice is not correct, then why should the mind dwell in the satipa niệmhāna? Where to find the right concentration of mind that creates the insight that clears the way of liberation? ...

The book "The Five Precepts to be a Human" is reduced from the published book "The Five Precepts from a scientific perspective" - ​​suitable for all readers - together correctly understand and practice the Five Precepts - according to The original Buddhist teachings - then surely they will be reborn as a human in the next life ... Seeing that, with the material life + the current living environment fluctuates extremely complicatedly, making the majority more and more are violated the five precepts, gradually leading to unpredictable behaviors beyond basic consciousness and perception, including the monks who lead the world (most of them violate the precepts of being addicted to appearance and embellishment. French General), wrong without knowing is wrong ... Therefore, in order to reconcile with the unpredictable virtual reality - for the practitioner in the present time in particular and everyone in general - it is necessary to Learn how to convert to human through the metric Five common in the life that we currently experience together ...


This booklet "The Five Worlds from a scientific perspective" is extracted from the class materials: "Introduction to TOTHA Mind Energy Science" organized by TOTHA Mind Energy Science Company with the topic "Together study together "; thereby, co-refine practical and useful knowledge. Now has the opportunity to be widely disseminated, in parallel with the common wish of the entire TOTHA family that always desires that everyone and every family can properly apply the original enlightenment teachings to together themselves. correct (correct) my body and mind in a reasonable way and co-identify correctly the path I am heading ... The document is compiled in the direction of connecting Science-Religion-Spirit helps explain phenomena beyond the visible region of the 5 finite human senses (seeing, hearing, speaking, tasting, feeling). Because of the lack of awareness, most of them are hinted at the mysterious spiritual concept. Or due to inexplicable it is paranoid, unrealistic. Or being weak and afraid to obey the magical interpretations, called superstitions ... The book is compiled according to the criteria of the harmony between science, religion, spirituality and society. The interpretation will also be balanced, suitable and compatible with all subjects, all levels together, universalizing to the wider community ...

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